Emirates Airlines Offers New Cabin Crew Jobs in UAE

Emirates Airlines, a world-renowned player in the aviation industry, has recently announced several exciting job opportunities for prospective Cabin Crews. Not only do these positions promise a competitive salary of up to AED 6,000, they also provide opportunities to network with reputable airlines. Those who possess the required qualities are advised to grab this golden opportunity and embark on a promising career journey.

Emirates Airlines Offers New Cabin Crew Jobs in UAE
Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Jobs

Eligibility Criteria (Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew)

Airlines are looking for candidates with a pleasant personality who can adapt to different situations and make passengers feel comfortable. As the face of Emirates, Cabin Crews play an important role as people to help and guide passengers during the flight.

The selected individual must demonstrate the skills to be friendly, attentive, and provide optimal support. However, security takes precedence over customer service as a top priority. Cabin Crews are expected to demonstrate assertive leadership by taking responsibility for flight services, safety procedures and safety protocols. These specialized skills are developed through extensive training at Emirates’ state-of-the-art facility in Dubai.

Qualifications & Proficiencies (Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew) )

Emirates Airline is on the lookout for such candidates who embody the essence of exceptional cabin crew. Mentioned below qualifications and skills are being essential for the position:

  • Hospitality Experience: Applicants must have more than one year of hospitality or customer service experience and demonstrate a commitment to providing excellent service.
  • Positive attitude: A naturally positive attitude that thrives in a team-oriented environment that allows for continuous interaction with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Education: Minimum high school graduation (grade 12), commitment to continuous personal development.
  • Language skills: Fluency in written and spoken English is a must, knowledge of additional languages ​​is a plus.
  • Physical Requirements: Applicants must be at least 160 cm tall and can reach a height of 212 cm. This requirement provides access to emergency equipment on all types of aircraft.
  • Tattoo: No tattoos should be visible while wearing the Emirates cabin crew uniform, without any need of bandages or cosmetics to hide it.
  • UAE Visa Requirements: Since the Emirates Cabinet Office is based in Dubai, it is mandatory to comply with the UAE work visa requirements.

Other Skills

In addition to the basic requirements of the role, prospective candidates must demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence. Attributes such as problem-solving skills, ability to adapt to demanding schedules and deliver a genuine customer experience are essential. As representatives of Emirates, Cabin Crews and flight attendants must embody the characteristics of the airline’s personality, professionalism, empathy, progress, vision and cosmopolitanism.

The Path to Embracing the Skies with Emirates Cabin Crew

Prospective applicants are advised to ensure that the following documents are readily available:

  • Resume / CV: A comprehensive curriculum vitae that highlights skills, experience and enthusiasm.
  • Current Photos: Recent photos that include a professional and personal touch.

The opportunity to rise to new heights awaits together with Emirates Airlines. Potential candidates are encouraged to submit their job applications and don’t miss this opportunity to fly with Emirates — apply today and get on track for a great career.

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