Johnson & Johnson Jobs: New High Salary Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Johnson & Johnson a multinational company dealing and selling pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer products is now recruiting for the new job vacancies in Saudi Arabia.

Johnson & Johnson Jobs

Taking care of the world, one person at a time, has inspired and united the people of Johnson & Johnson for more than 125 years. Johnson & Johnson embrace research and science – bringing innovative ideas, products and services to improve people’s health and well-being. Employees of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies work with partners in healthcare to impact and improve the lives of more than one billion people worldwide.

Johnson & Johnson Job Vacancies in Saudi Arabia

Job TitleLocationAction
Learning and Development ManagerRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaApply Now
Senior Demand PlannerRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaApply Now
Field Service EngineerRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaApply Now
Product Manager – GastroRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaApply Now
Product Manager – OncologyRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaApply Now
Product Manager – PAHRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaApply Now
Product Manager – SpravatoRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaApply Now

How to apply for the Job?

Like any other big name in the industry, Johnson & Johnson has several steps to take before being hired to work for the company.

First, make sure you have certifications and other achievements before applying. So, from the time you apply to the time you are hired, there are several processes that we will discuss, in order to help you complete the process.

Johnson & Johnson Job application

You can easily apply for a job at Johnson & Johnson following the below:

  • Click the “Apply Now” above to the job that matches your skills and certifications. The next step is to create an account and upload your resume/cover letter when prompted. Depending on the role, you can request an online application / assessment.
  • Check your email inbox and follow the steps in your welcome email to confirm that your application has been accepted.
  • You should keep track of all transactions and check your mail regularly to know the status of your application.

Johnson & Johnson Interview Process

Recruiters, hiring managers, and other team members will collectively evaluate your skills and get to know you better.
Interviews are also conducted via video, phone or private messaging, depending on your role and location. This means that you need to be prepared to interview regardless of which method the hiring manager uses.
Moreover, If you are selected for a follow-up interview, you will be contacted by email to provide more information about who to meet with and your next steps.

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Some Possible Interview Questions

Here are some questions interviewer can ask during an interview with Johnson & Johnson:

What are your interests in the Pharma/Biotech industry?

How to respond: The interviewer only wants to know what made you choose a career in the Pharmaceutical / Biotech industry. Be clear and convincing in your answers.

What qualities do you have that would convince you that you are the best candidate for this job?

How to respond: What you need to do is highlight your strengths that set you apart. This is a great opportunity to sell your skills and show recruiters why they are ahead of the rest.

How long have you been in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry and what do you want to do?

How to respond: The question is simple. Tell the interviewer how long you’ve worked in the industry and share your passion. This passion may be what contributes to your question.

What changes do you see in the industry in the coming years?

How to respond: If you follow the industry closely, these questions shouldn’t throw you off balance. We need to predict the changes that will happen in the industry in the next twelve months. This should be backed up by knowing the trends in the industry.

How well and effectively do you work with deadlines?

How to respond: Your answer should be about the skills you have that can help you meet company deadlines.

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