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Why women should exercise in the morning – and men at night:

Exercise may be better for women in the morning hours if they want to burn fat quickly, while men benefit more from working out at night. A fitness session in the morning is better for women looking to reduce fat and lose inches on their bellies, a small study suggests.

It’s been concluded in studies that they also see a greater reduction in blood pressure from exercising early in the day. But men’s blood pressure, levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol and their ability to burn fat all seem to benefit more from evening exercise.

In addition, study shows men may also feel less tired exercising before dinner, rather than before breakfast. The results come from a study of 27 women and 20 men who worked out four times a week.

All men and women studied were asked to do four exercise sessions a week for 12 weeks. These included one session of resistance training, a session of stretching such as yoga and a sprint training session, which meant doing an exercise like swimming or running for 35 minutes. Most sessions lasted an hour, although longer aerobic exercises such as cycling or rowing were included to test endurance.

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