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5 types of Important Insurance every person should have

Insurance – For most peoples around the world, insurance isn’t a very interesting topic. But still, it’s an important aspect of your financial well-being, and buying the right Insurance policies can have a life-altering impact. 

People usually tempted to forgot or simply ignore buying insurance policies.

Currently the policies cost is shockingly expensive and still increasing and that’s the major reason when people thinks, “I’ll never even need that coverage.”


Most of us never expects our house to burn down or to acquire a disability that prevents us from working. But there’s possibility and does happen. 

There’s no single insurance policy in the world that can cover everything in your life.

Therefore, if you want to avoid any major financial issues, you’ll need different types of insurance.

In this article we will share the 7 most common types of insurance that every person must have.

1. Health Insurance

Currently, health insurance became more confusing than ever, even it’s essential part of our life.

A major medical issues could cause severe financial hardships for anyone. Sometimes, the medical bills are becoming so high that people suffer with bankruptcy, since they don’t have any backup or saving to cover such bills.

2. Life Insurance

All around the world there are different type of life insurance policies.

Most basic and less expensive type is life insurance, which pays a specific amount in case you die within the time frame of the policy.

For example, You’ve bought an insurance of $500,000, 20-year term policy. And in case you die within that 20 years, your beneficiaries will get total amount $500,000. Some other policy types include “permanent” life insurance, which continue as long as you pay your premiums. 

Life insurance is important subject, and everyone should buy it following their needs.

People with children should consider the life insurance, since the costs of the children’s care will be covered in case of unfortunate death of parents.

3. Disability Insurance

Mostly bigger businesses provide some form of disability insurance to their employees. This type of Insurance is intended to replace your salary if you temporarily or permanently disabled.

Keep in mind that disability coverage, like all other insurance has many significant nuances. Example, Are you disabled and unable to perform any type of work, or are you just unable to work at your normal profession? These kind of definitions have a major impact on when you can receive coverage.

 4. Homeowners And Renters Insurance

This type of Insurance pays for complete or partial damage of your home.

Mostly, it also pay for the damaged contents (Furniture, Electronics etc.) of your home, In addition it pay the funds to rent accommodations while your home is being repaired. 

Usually, your home is the biggest purchase you will make in your life, hence it needs important type of insurance to secure it.

Make sure to check all details while purchasing the policy. Also check if the policy cover what you paid for the home in case of any major damage or the price of what it would take to rebuild it?

If you are a renter, you also need coverage, since structural damage is the responsibility of your landlord, but renters insurance will protect your personal content in home.

5. Automobile Insurance 

If you a car owner, you must be familiar with automobile insurance.

Because it’s one of the most important type of Insurance you should have. In 2020, around 4.4 million people faced car crashes serious enough leads to medical attention.

Even minor accidents like fender-benders and stationary collisions can cost you a lot for repairs.

Automobile insurance pays in case you experience a car wreck, and it will also pay for other party’s damages in case you are at fault. 

Many types of insurance might seem like too much, and yes actually, it is.

I also know how difficult it can feel every month to pay your insurance bills. But trust me, when that “case” comes, you’ll be grateful for every single penny you spent on your wide array of Insurance.

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