Stairs Climbing Wheelchair – Most Revolutionary Technology in the world

Stairs Climbing Wheelchair – Yes, forty years ago, nobody could’ve ever predicted such revolutionary technology such as internet, smartphones, nanotechnology and other marvels & gadgets.

And now nobody ever want to go back to that time without advanced electronic kitchen appliances or washing machines? We save a lot of time each day by using these time and efforts saving equipment and tools.

But have you ever think what a development to the design of a wheelchair would look like?

Today we’ll share the most advanced and revolutionary wheelchair in the world, which is very advance compared to the regular wheelchair we all know.

This one has a many advanced functionality that make life much easier for those who have difficulty walking for whatever reason.

Stairs Climbing Wheelchair

This Wheelchair allows disabled peoples to easily reaching a location that previously would have been inaccessible such as upstairs or downstairs areas: a game-changing, retractable set of rubber tracks allows the chair to maneuver up and down stairs.

In addition to the wheelchair functionality that makes light work of stairways, the chair also has an extra pair of wheels at the rear which helps users to adjust their level while sitting. Two large wheels also allow the chair to overcome obstacles like mud or stones easily.

Stairs Climbing Wheelchair
Stairs Climbing Wheelchair

This new technology has some extra safety features, too. The tilt mechanism in the chair is very simple and requires only one rotary joint.

Due to its very unique and special functionality and design, people will look at disabled peoples with admiration instead of pity.

We also believe the close collaboration between it’s engineers and designers is key to our success and makes such revolutionary technology.

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