Neelam Muneer Some Viral Photos On Social Media

Pakistan’s most famous star Neelam Muneer started her acting career with drama series ‘Thoda Sa Aasmaan’. In 2018, she played the main role in the social show ‘Umm-e-Haniya’. That year, she depicted the role of ‘Ulfat’ in the profoundly acclaimed dramatization arrangement ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’, which got one of the most-watched shows. As of now she is showing up in ‘Kahin Deep Jaley’ by Imran Ashraf. She will next star in ‘Bikhre Moti’, a TV serial which will feature the social issues of kids abuse.

Neelam Muneer Khan is the perfect example of beauty with the brain! People loved her superb acting skills in ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’ in which she played a negative role as ‘Ulfat’, that will be remembered by Neelam Muneer fans for a long time!

This is not the first time. In January 2022, a leaked video became viral on the social media featuring Neelam Muneer in a car. The video was filmed inside the car in which Neelam Muneer was seen dancing while sitting at the back seat. The video gained immense likes, comments, and shares, everyone was crazy to see what Neelam was doing.

During The Promotion Of Her famous movie ‘Chupan Chupai’, lots of people demanded to show her Dance Moves again and she did it for the audience!

While thousands on social media continued blaming Neelam as if she was the one who uploaded her dancing video, a bunch of Pakistani female celebrities came to support Neelam Muneer from this controversial release. Sabar Qamar along with other co-workers of Neelam made a video where they shared their support for the actress in a very subtle manner. Sitting in the car, playing ‘Mahi Ve Mohabbata Sachiyan Ne’ in the background, they danced and showed their love to Neelam.

What do you say? Is she the attention seeker who does anything to get fame? Or she is just enjoying her life, it is just people who are ready to criticize her for everything? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Neelam Muneer

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