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How to prevent Half A Million Deaths and Car Accidents Each Year With These Fixes To Road Safety

More than half a million deaths and Car Accidents could be avoided yearly by educating peoples to must wear helmets and seat belts, respect speed limits and never drive while drunk according to a new study, as researchers suggest most governments have not giving priority to improve traffic safety in past years.

Car Accidents

According to studies, 25% to 40% of road deaths and car accidents could be avoided by focusing on speeding, drunk driving and helmet and seat-belt wearing in 185 countries every year.

Handling speeding with changes such as improvements in infrastructure or electronic speed controls can save the most deaths (approx. 340,0000 yearly). Researchers calculated, while enforcing rules on wearing motorcycle helmet and seat-belt in cars could prevent more than 120,000 accidents yearly.

Car Accidents

The majority of traffic deaths and car accidents are preventable, Dr. Adnan Hyder, Professor of global health at George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health, said, adding deaths continue to rise annually in low-income countries while “progress in high-income countries has slowed over the past decade.”

Nearly 1.4 million. That’s how many people die each year from car accidents and injuries, while 50 million people are injured annually. More than 90% of those deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

Car Accidents

Car accidents injuries are the major cause of death worldwide with ages between 5-29, while low- and middle-income countries face the highest number of deaths and injuries from car accidents incidents, which are continuing to rise.

In United States, traffic deaths hit the highest level in 2021 compare to last 15 years, with more than 42,000 dying in motor vehicle traffic crashes, a 10% higher from 2020.

Researchers suggested governments should focus strictly on minimum drinking age laws, seat belt and helmet laws, enforcement of speeding laws and lower blood-alcohol content level requirements for new drivers, all of which have been proven to prevent traffic deaths.

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