Expert Opinions About Dua Zahra Interview To Zunaira Mahum

“The way Dua Zahra is shaking hands shows that she can’t say what she wants to say. She is being pressured to lie.” This is according to Dr. Moeez Hussain human body language expert.

Dr. Moeez Hussain also has a famous YouTube channel ‘Mind Sciences’ in which he talks about various aspects of life keeping in view of scientific facts. Dr. Moeez has recently talked about the viral interview of Dua Zahra which we are presenting to our readers.

Dua Zahra
Dua Zahra

Are different papers misleading?

Dr. Moeez expresses that from the birth endorsement of Dua to the marriage authentication of his parents is misleading. Assuming this is the case, how might the medical specialist’s report be depended upon when present day innovation for age testing isn’t accessible in Pakistan.

How might Dua Zahra case be settled?

In such manner, Dr. Moeez said that both Dua and Zaheer can be tried through hypnotism after which there will be no requirement for any clinical report and he will recount the genuine story himself.

Dua Zahra

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