Tiktok Star Jannat Mirza looked like a fairy in a white dress.

Jannat Mirza is one of Tiktok’s most admired and followed social media stars. She is a stunning and adorable artist who’s videos have gained millions of views on Tiktok, and she has now entered the Pakistani showbiz industry and starring in a Pakistani television drama that will air shortly.

Jannat Mirza born in Pakistani city of Faisalabad in the year 1997. She is a talented young performer and actress who also works as a model. She is also a well-known Tiktoker celebrity in Pakistani social media with millions of followers. Jannat just announced that she and her long-term beau, “Umer Butt,” are engaged and planning to get married.

Tiktok star Jannat Mirza posted these beautiful pictures on her Instagram account in a simple white gown. In these photos, she appears to be quite young and adorable.

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