This picture is of the childhood of which famous Pakistani girl?

Dua Zahra – Looking at the pictures of your childhood, you will surely remember those golden moments of your childhood you spend freely. Our parents take good care of their children’s at this age and capture some moments of their children as a golden moments of their life.

Dua Zahra

We have shown you the picture of childhood of a girl who is most popular and whole of Pakistan is watching and listening to now and everyone’s eyes are fixed on her controversial marriage case. You may have guessed that this picture is of Dua Zahra’s childhood which was shared by her parents on social media when she went missing and could not be traced 2 months ago.

Dua Zahra

But after a recent interview of Dua Zahra to a unknown media channel, Dua and her parents’ legal issues have taken a new turn in the case. However, the court has allowed Dua to go with her husband and now the two are living together in Lahore.

Dua Zahra

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