The 10 Best Korean Dramas Of 2022 – Forbes Ranking

So many more dramas, so little time. International audiences had more Korean dramas to choose from in 2022 and they were available on more streaming platforms.

Which Korean dramas stood out? The variety of 2022 Korean dramas offered plenty to to enjoy, but the following dramas offered something extra, whether it was a distinctive plot, a fresh take on the inevitable-although-beloved tropes, great action scenes or enjoyable character development.

1 – Ghost Doctor (Korean Dramas Of 2022)

K-dramas are often about two seemingly dissimilar characters getting closer—via romance or friendship—and discovering they can learn from each other.

Korean Dramas

In this case, it’s a buddy story between two unlikely doctors. Rain plays the arrogant surgeon who can do no wrong. When he falls into a coma his spirit inhabits the body of a wellborn intern who is afraid of surgery. The hospital is full of coma ghosts, the wandering spirits of trapped bodies. Why see it? Great comic chemistry between Rain and Kim Beom. On

2 – Business Proposal

A description of this drama might suggest it merely contains the same old rom-com tropes, but somehow Business Proposal makes those tropes fresh and fun.

Korean Dramas

Further, In this story a food chemist gets bribed to go on her best friend’s blind date only to discover that the blind date is her boss. How quickly can she get out of this awkward situation? Not fast enough, but she certainly tries. There’s some fun interaction between the drama’s characters and a televised drama within the drama. Ahn hyo-seop and Kim Se-jeong have mad chemistry. Why see it? Kim is very funny. Everyone in this cast looks like they are having fun filming. On Netflix

3 – Military Prosecutor Doberman

It is a campy drama about a military prosecutor, played by Ahn Bo-hyun, and the prosecutor who wants to unmask his corruption, played by Jo Bo-ah. There are some highly stylized action scenes, including Jo’s killer action scenes in killer heels.

Korean Dramas

4 – Pachinko (Korean Dramas Of 2022)

It’s Ahn’s most relatable role this year, even though his character is initially misguided and money-hungry. Why see it? Military Prosecutor blends genres—legal military, comedy and action—in its pursuit of k-drama justice.

Pachinko might not technically be considered a Korean drama, but it’s a Korean story with major Korean stars. It’s based on a bestselling novel by Korean American author Min Jin Lee and features Youn Yuh-jung, Lee Min-ho and newcomer Kim Min-ha. Why see it?

Korean Dramas

Pachinko is also a sensitive retelling of the novel’s moving story of displacement. It’s a family saga of survival in the face of hardships and discrimination. Gorgeous visuals, great acting and Lee Min-ho really ups his game with this role.

5 – My Liberation Notes

This drama, starring Son Suk-ku, Kim Ji-won and Lee Min-ki, is the very understated story of three unhappy siblings, living out in the sticks with their parents. The commute keeps them from enjoying the city they work in and they blame it on their inability to sustain a love life.

Korean Dramas

Things change when a stranger comes to work for the family. The drama offers surprising twists of fate and an intimate look into a family’s dynamic. Why see it? The evocative portrayal of quiet desperation by My Mister writer Park Hae-young. Son’s subtle acting, the worlds of despair he conveys with his eyes.

6 – Green Mother’s Club

This murder mystery about a competitive group of mothers asks whether such rivalry is enough to push anyone over the edge. Korea has been described as the most over-educated country in the world and the pressure can start early.

Korean Dramas

Green Mother’s Club wonders how much a mother should sacrifice for her child, how much she should push that child to succeed and whether female friendship can survive such fierce competition. Why see it? It’s an intriguing mystery that at the same time explores notions of female friendship and competition.

7 – Sound of Magic (Korean Dramas Of 2022)

Would you believe in magic if the magician is proven to be a fake? Ji Chang-wook plays a magician who lives in an abandoned amusement park. When he first meets the schoolgirl played by Choi Sung-eun, he scares her, but she eventually returns to answer his most important question.

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Do you believe in magic? She wants to. She needs to. Why see it? Even if you don’t believe in magic, you might understand the magic of giving a desperate person hope.

8 – Our Blues

This ensemble drama features a star-studded cast at the top of their game. It occasionally almost gets mawkish, but more often shines in its depiction of very relatable stories of human interaction.

Korean Dramas

Set against the beautiful scenery of Jeju island, the hardworking characters—haenyeo, fishermen, merchants—make misguided attempts to communicate with and care for each other. Everyone has their share of blues. Why see it? The whole cast of Our Blues gives a great performance, but Lee Jung-eun as Eun-ji rules the island with her no nonsense attitude and generous heart.

9 – Why Her?

Seo Hyun-jin commands the screen in this smart character study of a lawyer who chases success at all costs. She’s a match for her law firm’s CEO, played by Heo Jun-ho. He supports and promotes her, but kicks her to the curb when he needs to save himself.

Korean Dramas

The story remains riveting to the end as the law student, played by Hwang In-yeop, helps remind her what being a lawyer should really entail. Why see it? Seo Hyun-jun is an interesting k-drama heroine who sees the light and becomes a force for good.

10 – Eve

Although this melodramatic “makjang” drama is so over the top it’s practically in orbit, it’s hard to look away. Seo Yea-ji is beautifully chilling in Eve, as a woman who flirts with insanity, while attempting a complex long-term revenge.

Korean Dramas

The camera loves Seo and cannot get enough close-ups. The clothes, the sets and the lingering shots of her face are gorgeous. Why see it? Seo Yea-ji is mesmerizing. Also, gifted actor Park Byung-eun plays the secretly vulnerable chaebol she seduces. 

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