Remarkable Pictures shows Reema Khan’s luxury lifestyle

Reema Khan, Pakistan’s most talented film actress of showbiz industry who married Tariq Shahab, a Pakistani-American national became more popular in social media and showbiz after marriage. And her acting is also much liked and appreciated by the fans. And she gets a lot of love in showbiz world which is why the number of followers on her Instagram is increasing day by day.

Actress Reema Khan build her name in the Pakistani drama and film industry with her very beautiful skills and talent. Reema began working in showbiz in rarly age and prove herself in film industry. Following her attractive fitness and smart figure she started recieving offers in fashion industry as well, and that’s how Reema joined the Fashion and showbiz.

Reema Khan with Husband Tariq Shahab

Reema Khan says that her family members and friends were pretty much against with her decision of coming to the showbiz. But she held her passion growing and proved that a woman can make a title for herself in the showbiz field. Reema Khan married Dr. Tariq Shahab at the age of 40 and she became mother of her first baby at the age of 41.

You all know that Reema Khan likes to be smart and always maintain her fitness and looks young and glowing. But after marrying Dr. Tariq, she started focusing on renovation of her house in USA. At the request of a fan, Reema Khan has posted some fabulous and beautiful pictures on social media while renovating her house.

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