K-pop Star Shocks Fans with **** scenes in Korean drama series

An upcoming Korean drama series has shocked K-pop fans due to its graphic **** scenes involving a popular girl group member. 

The trailer for the series was released earlier this month and quickly sent K-pop fans on social media into a spin.

Ahn Hani, best known for her time in the chart-topping Korean girl group EXID, appears to be engaged in a number of scenes in the trailer.


The trailer of the drama featured a number of scenes that left little to the imagination, as well as one scene of a female character appearing playing with a body pillow.

It’s currently unclear if Hani is the character in the more graphic **** scenes, or if she left that to her female co-star. Hani plays a young career woman who ends up discovering herself after hosting a podcast about love and romance. 


Due to the conservative nature of K-pop and squeaky clean image of K-pop idols, many of Hani’s fans have been left shocked by such nature of the trailer.

‘I thought this is a c*nd*m commercial or something cuz they’re just **** and said nothing lol,’ tweeted one fan.

‘We will be watching for the plot,’ another joked, while one commented: ‘I didn’t expect it to be so intense.’

‘Is that even allowed in Korea?’ asked another stunned fan.


Hani’s group EXID split in 2020 after eight years together, but they returned earlier this year for a reunion to mark their 10th anniversary. 

The 30-year-old has focused on her acting and TV career in recent years.

She recently came under fire for ‘cultural appropriation’ from American K-pop fans after she wore a braided hairstyle in one of EXID’s music videos. Western K-pop fans took to social media at the time to talk about Hani’s hair.

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