iPhone 14 Exclusive: Apple Is Just 3 Weeks Away From Showing Off the new iPhone 14

Apple is preparing to to launch the new iPhone 14 earlier than usual in September 2022, giving its current quarter an extra sales boost. Moreover, company lays off recruiters and orders staff back to the office for the busy sales period.

According to resources, Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 14 at an event on Sept. 7. Which would be the earliest iPhone launch since 2016 and be followed by the new device going on sale Sept. 16 about a week ahead of last year’s schedule.

iPhone 14

Also launch event will be on the Wednesday after Labor Day, an atypical day for Apple product launches.

Further, it seems that the Apple wanted to leave that Tuesday free. Why? Perhaps because press and other guests will need a travel day after the Monday holiday.

Moreover, iPhone 14 launch will held on its Apple Park campus, similar to what it did for WWDC in June 2022.

Apple presentation itself will be delivered online, exactly same way as Apple has done with events throughout the pandemic, but they may also show the video live to a crowd at its campus.

In this case, members of the press might get their hands on new devices afterwards, as they did with the redesigned MacBook Air in June 2022.

iPhone 14

Also live event would be part Apple efforts to get things back to normal, or slightly more normal.

In addition, Apple will ask its corporate employees to work from offices in silicon Valley at least 3 days a week.

The company is still far from returning to pre-pandemic business as usual. But the combination of such on-site media event and in-person office work in Silicon Valley could make it feel like Apple’s most normal return since the iPhone 11 was launched in 2019.

The one question is the earlier-than-usual launch date for the 2nd time since 2011. Since Apple began launching iPhones in the fall in 2011, there’s only been one launch that was this early: the iPhone 7 in 2016.

iPhone 14

Here’s the history of iPhone launch since 2011:

  • iPhone 4S: announced Oct. 4, 2011; released Oct. 14
  • iPhone 5: announced Sept. 12, 2012; released Sept. 21
  • iPhone 5S: announced Sept. 10, 2013; released Sept. 20
  • iPhone 6: announced Sept. 9, 2014; released Sept. 19
  • iPhone 6S announced Sept. 9, 2015; released Sept. 25
  • iPhone 7: announced Sept. 7, 2016; released Sept. 16
  • iPhone 8: announced Sept. 12, 2017; released Sept. 22
  • iPhone X: announced Sept. 12, 2017; released Nov. 3
  • iPhone XS: announced Sept. 12, 2018; released Sept. 21
  • iPhone 11: announced Sept. 10, 2019; released Sept. 20
  • iPhone 12: announced Oct. 13, 2020; released Oct. 23
  • iPhone 13: announced Sept. 14, 2021; released Sept. 24

Further, understanding for the the Apple’s early launch is, First, Apple will get an additional week of iPhone 14 sales in 4th quarter in September 2022.

Additional week of iPhone 14 sales should help the company easily cross the last year’s $83 billion mark (indeed, analysts are already projecting revenue of about $89 billion). 

Second, it seems that Apple’s supply chain is still working well after Covid-19 when it comes to the iPhone. The same can’t be said for the Mac and iPad, which suffered from supply constraints last quarter.

Third, company wants to create more gap for second event coming after one month in October 2022.

iPhone 14

Apple typically launched the new iPhone and Apple Watch together in September, followed by new iPads and Macs together in October. This year is shaping up to be a return to that format, with Apple likely planning for the arrival of new Macs and iPads about a month after the iPhones. 

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