Dua Zehra and Zaheer Ahmed’s true love story in their first interview

Dua Zehra is a teenage girl who is highly popular these days due to her controversial marriage with a boy named Zaheer with whom she ran away from her house in Karachi two months ago. After she went missing, her parents try to find her everywhere and were in very miserable situation. Her father was reached out by different media persons to find out the situation of their daughter.

As per Pakistani and Islamic law we all knows that minimum age to get married is 18 years for both girl and boy. Dua Zehra’s age is not 18 years yet but she claims that her father did not enter her real age in the papers whereas her parents claims that they got married 16 years ago then how could she become more than 15 years old. There are lots of arguments and misconceptions about her age and her willingness to marry Zaheer Ahmed, which are highly seen in social media.

Dua’s parents claims that their daughter Dua Zahra is under pressure and is given some kind of drugs to hide the reality of their relationship whereas in the latest interview Dua clarified that “all these things are wrong and she confirmed that I was saying each and everything on my own. I truly love my husband and ran for him and can’t live without him. We were introduced to each other through PUBG game and I saw my husband for the very first time when I reached Lahore on my own”.

Dua Zehra and her husband Zaheer Ahmed were taken back to Karachi with the help of forces and intelligence because her father filed a kidnapping case against Zaheer Ahmed and his family but now everything is clear from her latest interview that she did everything by her own willingly and for the sake of their true love. People trolled them by saying that this is not the way to get married and leave your parents in such miserable conditions.

Watch the video here.

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