Dua Zahra Father is ready to say Good Bye Dua as a Bride

Dua Zahra – Since the disappearance of Dua Zahra till today, the whole of Pakistan has been shocked and looking at the young couple Dua Zahra and Zaheer.

Dua Zahra

Some peoples in Pakistan claims that Dua Zahra’s action of hurting her parents and following her controversial marriage with Zaheer Ahmed sets a bad example and have a devastating effect on new generations.

Dua Zahra

However, some people are advocating this act of Dua Zahra and said that Dua Zahra as an adult had the right to choose her spouse as she wished. And whatever she did was her own right.

Dua Zahra’s parents have repeatedly stated that their daughter is very innocent but this was not done with her will seems forced to marry Zaheer Ahmed. Her Parents claims that case is still in the court and what Dua is saying is not true and all under pressure.

Dua Zahra’s point of view in her recent interviews, that her parents were pressuring her when she demanded that they reconcile with her and let Zaheer go.

Latest resources said that Dua Zahra’s father announces that he is going to support his daughter and ready to accept her decision and Zaheer Ahmed as son-in-law, but his condition was that Dua should answer some of his questions at least once, even online meeting if she is not willing to meet in person. Since Zahra’s father wants to understand and know her will before acceptance of his decision.

Dua Zahra

Now it remains to be seen how Dua responds to his father’s offer.

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