Asad And Nimra Ready To Become Parents in 2022

Pakistani young couple Asad and Nimra who married at a very small age of 18 years. Both lives happy life and spreading great message in the community for parents to marry their kids at young age, it will help to reduce cases like Dua will happen in our society.

Asad and Nimra became popular because of their young age wedding and the positive response of their parents and society. Normally in Pakistan’s society doesn’t allow teenage love marriage, especially before completing the education. But this couple went viral when they got married with the permission of their judicious parents.

Asad usually remains very active on his TikTok account where he makes vlogs with his beautiful wife. He showed his complete beautiful house with lots of rooms and sitting areas in a vlog on Tiktok. Asad’s parents are very conscious about his future that’s why they always take care of both teenagers’ routines at their university.

The wedding of Nimra and Asad set an positive example for other young teenagers who wanted to get married at an early age. Recently the couple was seen at the wedding of Asad’s sister. All the viewers admired Nimra and Asad’s looks. Asad was so busy because he had a lot of responsibilities as he is the only son of his parents.

Recently young couple break a piece of good news to their social media audience that there are going to become parents soon. Their fans were eagerly waiting for this news and reacted very positively with best wishes messages on their social media accounts. All of their followers are wishing good health for Nimra and her baby.

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